Since I was a little kid I have always had an active imagination. Keeping it alive through my life has led to amazing dreams, true bliss and my first Children’s Book, “Have You Ever Heard of a Dweazle!?” As long as I can remember I have wanted to be a Meteorologist. It was only a few years ago, that my restless imagination popped up a new dream to write fun and unique children’s books. That is what this Project Imagination is all about… Never stop dreaming or creating! In this day and age, technology consumes us making it easier for us to lose that inner child that makes the world brighter and more innocent.

Project ImaginationCHRIS MULCHAY meteorologist at noon and First at Four

The goal of Project Imagination is to show kids that through your life, it is never too late to embark on a new adventure! Never stop growing, never stop creating and never let that innocent child with in leave you. People who know me will tell you I am just a big kid at heart and that is why this project is going to be so much fun and so rewarding. It is a true honor to be backed by ABC12 on this wonderful project. I hope you will welcome me to your school to share my book and hopefully inspire kids to create something fun and new of their own. Remember… every great thing or accomplishment that has happened in history started with one single thought.


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Invite Chris to your school for a reading of “Have You Ever Heard of a Dweazle!?” to first and second graders. Chris will also bring the children their very own copy to enjoy on their own!